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29th annual conference

An ESSD tradition has been to hold a conference in a different European country each year, preferably alternating between North, South, East and West Europe. More than twenty-five conferences have been held to date, in more than fifteen countries.


Annual conference

4 - 6 October 2018

Budapest, Hungary
Venue The venue is located at the Faculty of Education and Psychology, Eötvös Loránd University Kazinczy Building (KAZY) Kazinczy utca 23–27, Budapest, 1075 Hungary.





Each presentation lasts for 15 minutes (excl. discussion time). The conference language is English.

Registration Those who wish to attend the ESSD conference, can register by sending an e-mail to essd2018@ppk.elte.hu.

Conference attendance is free of charge.

In registering for the ESSD conference you agree for your relevant personal information to be used in accordance with the ESSD privacy statement. This includes the sharing of conference attendees’ information with other attendees and ESSD members for the purposes set out in the privacy statement. The website may also feature pictures of conference proceedings (but never pictures of informal events surrounding the conference). Please refer to our privacy statement for more information before submitting your conference registration.
Organisers The annual ESSD conferences always take place in close collaboration with local organisers. This year’s local organisers will be Prof. Zsolt Demetrovics, Director of Institute of Psychology, Eötvös Loránd University, Dr. Katalin Felvinczi, Vice Dean For International Affairs And Grants, and Dr. Zsuzsa Kaló, senior lecturer at the Counselling Psychology Department and Qualitative Psychology Research Group.
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