This privacy statement is drafted in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (May 2018) and explains how the ESSD collects, stores, uses, shares and retains your information, what information is published on our website, and your rights to have information altered or deleted.

When applying for ESSD membership or registering as an ESSD conference participant, the following information is collected: name, country, organisation, type of organisation, job title, and e-mail address.

Your contact information will be stored securely. The membership data file is maintained by the ESSD secretariat. The conference participants data file is initially created and maintained by the conference organisers and transferred to the ESSD secretariat after the conference. The conference organisers adhere to this privacy statement.

E-mail addresses will be used solely to circulate news and updates about the ESSD and/or the ESSD conference. Aggregated information on country, organisation and job title may be used in reports about the profile of the ESSD membership.

The membership data file will not be shared with any third parties and will not be published on the ESSD website. The ESSD is reluctant to respond to requests for dissemination of news on publications or conferences from ESSD members through its mailing list, and refuses dissemination for third parties. Contact information of ESSD conference participants will only be shared amongst conference participants and not be published on the ESSD website.

Membership information will be retained until a member cancels their membership (or if they do not respond to the five-yearly membership re-confirmation request) at which point the information will be deleted. Contact information of ESSD conference participants will be retained by the conference organisers for post-conference communication (e.g. requests for sharing presentations) before being transferred to the ESSD secretariat. The ESSD secretariat will save this conference participants data file for future reference (e.g. monitoring how many participants attend per year) and for no longer than is necessary.

The ESSD website ( provides information on the ESSD and the annual ESSD conference for both members and non-members. Its content is determined by the ESSD Board. The hosting is done by an external party ( A book of abstracts for the upcoming and previous conferences is published on the website, including links to slideshows of presenters who have made theirs available. The website may also feature pictures of conference proceedings (but never pictures of informal events surrounding the conference).

If you have any queries relating to personal data collected by the ESSD or would like to alter or delete your personal information please contact the ESSD secretariat via This e-mail address can also be used for any other request, complaint or suggestion.